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We've been in the travel nursing game since 1999. Back then we were called Advanced Surgical, but when Rise Medical Staffing and IPI Travel joined the Advanced family in 2016, we brought everyone under the Advanced Travel Nursing brand — making one of largest nursing staffing agencies in the nation.

Our combined nationwide network of nursing jobs is now larger than ever, with a support system designed for your travel nursing career. We have offices in Oregon, Colorado, Florida, and Indiana - enabling us to find you the best nurse jobs nationwide.

For Our Nurses

Advanced Travel Nursing is about to challenge everything you know about your typical staffing company.

We know there isn’t a typical day for a nurse, so we figure you shouldn’t have a typical staffing company. When you partner with us, you aren’t just getting a travel nurse job. You’re getting a top-notch support team that is there for you on the job and off.

As a nurse, you have to be ready for anything and everything at a moment’s notice, so you should have a team than can keep up with you. That's Advanced Travel Nursing.

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"Advanced Travel Nursing and my recruiter Natalie went above and beyond to help me out and find the best location according to my preferences and skills. This company treated me not just as a professional but also as an individual and they continue to exceed my expectations. I'm looking forward to any future assignments with them for years to come. - Jessire P.

Rise is a superior group of individuals that are always looking out for the best interests of their travelers. My experience with Rise has been personally and financially rewarding. My recruiter always had my back. I highly recommend this fine group of professionals to take care of your travel needs. - Philip C.

Our Guiding Principles

No Complaining Rule

The 'No Complaining Rule' is an asset in order to assist both parties. If there is a solution involved, it is no longer considered a complaint, but rather an issue with a revised result. This ensures the quality on our end to provide the best assistance to our clinicians. -Paige Parry, Quality Assurance

Respectful Communication

'Respectful Communication' means speaking to colleagues and therapists as valued members of the team. We are all, collectively part of the big picture and every person involved deserves to be heard and not judged or overlooked; regardless of what your personal feeling may be. The power of the voice is mighty! -Patrick Smith, National Recruiter

Power of Positive

Our defining core value of the 'Power of Positive' leaves zero room for negative energy. We strive to approach every day with the sincere commitment of principled conduct in an optimistic environment. I wake up every day excited about coming to work with a great group of people. The day that changes is the day I should get a pink slip. -Jennifer Fuicelli, CEO


'Discipline' has to do with dependability. I completely trust that I can rely on my coworkers to get their respective tasks completed so that we can achieve our collective goals. -Kara Lynch, Vice President

Full Expression

Freedom of 'Full Expression' is more than a written core value in a procedure manual… simply put, it’s our way of life. Encouraging people to have fun, be creative, express ideas or concerns has been a foundation of Advanced Medical’s core values. -Keeley Murphy, VP of Sales & Recruiting


Working with a team that eats and breathes 'Innovation' is extremely fulfilling. Everyday we’re in the laboratory cooking up a new idea that’ll improve the staffing industry. The creativity and collaboration becomes infectious.
-Jonathan Crowe, Marketing

For Our Clients

jacho We're a Joint Commission Certified national nurse staffing company that focuses on providing you nurses with the right specialty, and the right cultural fit for your facility's needs. We value quality over quantity and we work closely with you to find the right nurses for your timeline and budget.

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