How to Avoid Burnout as a Travel Nurse

How to Avoid Burnout as a Travel Nurse

We often hear about burnout in the registered nurse and other healthcare workers. You probably didn’t hear much about it in college but maybe you’ve heard more about it since joining the travel nursing industry. Healthcare providers in particular suffer from higher rates of burnout due to many factors including long shifts, high-stress environments, or not addressing one’s own needs. How can it be avoid though? Our CEO, Jennifer Fuicelli recently wrote about burnout for Staffing Industry Analysts’ blog, The Staffing Stream.

In her piece, she touches on the warning signs for burnout in recruiters too. Whether you’re a nurse or a recruiter, one of the best ways to prevent burnout is to recognize the signs. Here are the time three signs you may need some time before your next assignment.

Exhaustion and tiredness

As long as tiredness isn’t excessive and doesn’t become a problem, we chalk it up to life happenings — until that tiredness becomes a pattern of exhaustion. This, combined with lack of motivation and negative attitude at work can be signs of burnout. One reason burnout is so persistent is nurses? It’s harder to pinpoint if exhaustion is due to daily grind of being a nurse or if it’s time to slow down and avoid burnout.

Lack of motivation

Have you noticed a sudden dip in motivation when you consistently over-performed in the past? Time to check in with yourself. You may not notice it creeping up and it happens to the best of us. Lack of motivation can be one signal your body and your mind has been in overdrive for far too long.

Negative comments or frustration

While you’ll experience negative emotions from time to time, especially as a travel nurse, it’s important to recognize when it becomes unusual or persistent for yourself. If issues that in the past you’d normally let go are escalating into frustration and backlash on your end, you may be suffering from more than just

To read the rest of Jennifer’s article, head over to The Staffing Stream now.

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