How To Become An RN

How To Become An RN

Being a nurse is one of the most satisfying and rewarding careers available. If you’ve ever been curious about what it takes to become an RN, then no to worry, we go over all the steps in our comprehensive guides. We understand that the road to your dream nursing career isn’t a straight line, but more like a rollercoaster.

How Do I Become An RN?

We won’t lie; nursing school is tough and involves a lot of hard work. After you finish, you then have to pass the NCLEX-RN exam. There are also many specializations you can choose from depending on your personality and passion. These are usually obtained after finishing school and require certain amount of experience and certification. Before you can get a job as a registered nurse, you must get your nursing state license. Some states have more requirements than others and you can have multiple licenses at a time.


How Do I Become A Travel Nurse?

Which brings us to the next topic! Many nurses choose to take on travel or contract opportunities as a chance to explore the country and gain financial freedom. Travel nursing assignments are usually 13 weeks long and some have the option to extend. You will be work with a recruiter to find a job that checks off all your must haves. Want to travel to Napa, Los Angeles, or San Francisco? We can get you there! Want to live up to your earning potential? Your recruiter can hook you up!

Want to see where travel nursing can take you?

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