Best Apps for Travel Nurses on the Road

Best Apps for Travel Nurses on the Road

Most people will be hitting the road this summer to go on vacation, but if you’re one of our many travel nurses, there’s a good chance you’re driving to your next assignment. Whether your driving to a nearby city or cross country, we’ve rounded up a list of some of the best apps to have to keep your trip efficient, safe, and fun.


GasBuddy is a must have for long car rides. It lets you search for gas stations by location so you can find the closest one to you and also lets you find the cheapest prices. It even has a trip cost calculator so you can price out your trip more efficiently.


Waze has traffic information that is updated in real time by its users so you can get to your destination faster and safer. It lets you know of upcoming car accidents, road hazards, and even traffic jams and helps you plan accordingly. You can also send your estimated arrival times to friends and family.

Roadside America

This app is for those that like quirky side trips and interesting stops along the way. It leads you to nearby crazy museums or attractions like the world’s largest boot. Unfortunately it’s currently only available for IOS and costs $2.99.


Made by Charmin (yes, the toilet paper), this app helps you find nearby bathrooms. Seems silly at first, but it comes in handy when you’re trying to avoid gross rest stop bathrooms. Find the best rated bathroom nearby with SitorSquat.


Stitcher lets you stream podcasts on-demand so you never have to worry about finding a new radio station to listen. You can create your own playlists based on your favorite radio shows and podcasts, and with over 40,000 different options, there’s plenty to pick from. It even has an offline mode