CA in a Day: Welcome to Travel Nurse Right or Wrong!

CA in a Day: Welcome to Travel Nurse Right or Wrong!

If you ask a travel nurse “How long did it take you to get your California Licensure?” you are going to get a ton of different answers:

  • I haven’t done it yet.
  • So many weeks that I should have answered “months.”
  • Months!
  • I started but never finished, the paperwork suuuuuuucked.
  • Where is California? (Protip: drop this friend)

These answers are all so wrong, it’s scary:



Wrong, wrong, wrong. Because we are here to tell you it takes A SINGLE DAY.


That’s right – with our FANTASTIC new CA in a Day Program, we’ll help you get that licensure out of the way in a single day. Every other answer, for the entirety of time, will be wrong.

Whether you choose to fly out and take a whirlwind tour of California’s Nursing Licensure process, or have us walk you through all the paperwork and hoops you need to jump through from the comfort of your own home – we’re going to knock this out with you.

It’s time to stop procrastinating and get that license so you can get those amazing California travel nurse jobs!

Get Your California Licensure Now!

Stay tuned for more episodes of Travel Nurse Right or Wrong!

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