Advanced’s CA In A Day In Action

Advanced’s CA In A Day In Action

Most nurses know that getting the California license can be a grueling, long process. It can take up to 3-6 months long to be exact. For most, the complexity, uncertainty, and wait time are enough to put them off trying to get awesome jobs in The Golden State. As a response, Advanced Travel Nursing launched the “California Nursing License In A Day initiative, which has been a resounding success, enhancing accessibility and helping nurses around the country get dream CA travel jobs on the West Coast.

Our California License Program has both mail and in-person options. Recently, Liz Stowell, a Mother-Baby Nurse currently living in Oregon, chose our in-person option and got to spend the day with our Sacramento team tying the ribbon on her licensure process!

Liz and Joel’s Day in CA

Liz and Joel CA in A DayPrior to flying out to Sacramento for CA In A Day, Liz had already spent time developing a great working relationship with one of our Advanced Travel Nursing recruiters, Joel Velazco. Together, they completed much of Liz’s paperwork prior to her visit.

On her big day, Joel and Liz finally met and took care of her LiveScan. She received a receipt and was assured that her results would be sent to the DOJ, FBI, and the Board of Nursing upon completion. After the LiveScan, Joel and Liz spent time in Old Sac and got a great clam chowder lunch together. Then they went off to the Board of Nursing, only a few minutes from our Sacramento office, and gave the Board the documents left to complete her application.

This single day shaved months off Liz’s CA licensing process.

Liz’s Feedback on Her CA In A Day Experience

“The Sacramento team was so professional and welcoming. I looked around the office and thought to myself, ‘I could be happy being a part of this team!’ Joel and Chris showed me around Sacramento and it was wonderful. Even though my brother lives not too far from the area, I’d never visited. I was so glad to have someone guide me, taking me to the LiveScan office and the Board of Nursing. Their help was invaluable and they really made my day.”

“My husband and I are avid golfers. We’ve been visiting Palm Springs, where we have a vacation home in a great neighborhood, for 12 years. I wanted to get my California license so that we had the option to move there to be around the neighbors we love and get away from the dreary weather. Getting the license with Advanced made it a much easier, and even fun, process!”

CA In A Day

How it Works

The reason the CA license usually takes as long as it does is because of fingerprinting. Advanced Travel Nursing provides a world-class support service, offering nurses around the country a way to bypass the wait time. Our Sacramento team takes care of getting everything in and out of LiveScan and directly into the hands of the Board of Nursing. This human touch cuts out a big chunk of time, making the California dream a reality any nurse can plan for without the frustration or uncertainty.

The steps of our CA in a Day Program are pretty simple:

Apply: We’ll send you the fingerprint cards and all the paperwork you need in a simple packet that we can walk you through.

Mail or Fly: In a single day, your Live Scan and paperwork will get done. If you mail it to us, we will do it all our ourselves in one day. If you fly in (up to $350 travel reimbursement + lunch on us), we’ll pick you up at the airport and show you the town with red carpet treatment as we finish everything up.

Triumph: In one day, we will get LiveScan and the BON done! With all your paperwork where it needs to be, you can stick around the beautiful state or make it back home before dinner! The choice is yours with Advanced Travel Therapy.

Why You Should Do It

The “why” is the easy part! Here are a few of the perks of working in California:

  • Incredible California weather
  • Even better views
  • A nurse to patient ratio that’s lower than most other states
  • Better compensation
  • Great facilities all over the state in different specialties

Take the Pain Out of Getting Your CA License and Let the West Coast Opportunities Pour In!