California Nursing License In A Day

You Are One Day Away From Your California Nursing License!

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What’s stopping you from getting your California Nurse Licensure? Usually the reason is some mix of time and money. But what if we tell you that you can get the whole process done in a day, at no cost to you, with the support of Advanced Travel Nursing?

Enough Said. Let’s Go!

Why California?


California Nursing compensation is amongst the highest in the country and has the most job opportunities available - so why not open up your career to the entire west coast?


What else needs to be said? The famed California climate is pretty tough to handle: year-round sun and 75 degree average days. Your sunscreen budget may need to increase, however.

Travel Opportunities

No matter where you are in California, you are a roadtrip away from the mountains, the beach, desert or snow. Yes - you can ski in the morning and have a margarita on the beach by the evening.

More Facility Options

With so many healthcare facilities needing talented nursing staff, Advanced Travel Nursing can find you the perfect fit for your skillset. Want to branch out into something new? We can help with that!

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Your 'CA In A Day' Program

  1. APPLY

    Simplified process!

    We'll send you the paperwork and everything you need to help complete your application with the CA State Board of Nursing right to your door.


    Almost done...

    We walk you through completing the Livescan process at home.  The next step is to get your information to the State Board of Nursing to finish up the rest of your application.

  3. TA DA!

    What a day!

    Once your paperwork is in, one of our team members in our Sacramento office will hand-deliver your packet to the California state nursing board!

That’s right, Advanced takes the pain out of getting your California Nursing Licensure by coordinating the entire process from start to finish.

I'm ready to go!

Interested? Have questions? Ready to get the party started? Fill out the info below and we’ll get back at you ASAP!