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5 Ways for Nurses to Decompress on Off-Days

5 Ways for Nurses to Decompress on Off-DaysDear Amazing Healthcare Workers of America, You have been working tirelessly, often for days in a row, to help combat the COVID-19 virus and its grip on the country. Your efforts are applauded and appreciated by those who sleep better at home, knowing that you are on the […]

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Best Apps for Travel Nurses in 2020

Best Apps for Travel Nurses in 2020There are multiple mobile apps available to assist travel nurses with everything from medical Spanish, to driving directions, accommodations, and drug interactions.  Here’s a run-down of our favorite free or low-cost apps for busy travel medical professionals. Travel Apps Gas Buddy: Updated in real-time, GasBuddy lets you search for Gas […]

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Critical Skills for an ER Nurse

Critical Skills for an ER NurseTriage prioritization, teamwork, speed vs. accuracy, stress management techniques are among the most critical ER skills a nurse can have. According to U.S. News Health ER nurses may treat as many as 70 patients in the course of a 12 hour shift. Instant decisions need to be made. If you […]

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