Career Consultant Spotlight: Amber Washer

This month we’re getting to know Amber Washer, a career consultant helping nurses enrich their careers. She works hard to make sure her nurses get the most out of their travel adventures. When she’s not advocating for her nurses, you can find her doing everything from hiking, baking cookies, and knitting blankets.

I don’t give nurses the cliff notes; I give them what they need to hear with the steps to achieve their goals.

Get To Know Amber Washer

What do you love about your job?

Nurses and Surgical Technicians are knowledgeable people who grow our healthcare industry. I love being a part of their lives and enriching their careers. To see a traveler build their experience is pleasurable knowing they are becoming great assets to a facility. Along the lines of watching them grow as a traveler, I love being able to reward my nurses with Travelers Appreciation gifts, bonuses when applicable, and birthday cards in the mail. In the office, I enjoying the experience of growth, team bonding’s, and having a 401K plan with a % matching!

What makes you unique as a career consultant?

The true identification of who I am in my professional and personal life reveals within core values. I’ve been described to be respectful, honest, dedicated, caring, and dependable. I am competitive in my role to help nurses obtain jobs they need and want. I’m a constant advocator and educator. I don’t give nurses the cliff notes; I give them what they need to hear with the steps to achieve their goals.

How do you spend your time when you’re not in the office?

When I am not working I am most likely not sitting still; I am try to stay proactive. I love baking cookies, going on a nearby hike, cleaning, and enjoying time with my family and boyfriend. I am not a big TV watcher; however, I do have days where I just want to sit and relax. Those days you’ll find me knitting blankets! That’s a special hobby my Aunt Debbie got me into.

What’s your favorite traveler story?

I have a traveler who is a pure giver! I personally love the feeling of giving to others; hearing her do the same brings me joy. She works 36-48 hours a week. She finds homeless shelters on each assignment to volunteer to. She tries to give back to different communities. Each assignment, she finds someone to donate money to. Her reason to travel is 1) to see new places and 2) bring joy to others from the earnings in her career. I believe that she is in the travel nursing industry for a great reason. I love that she gives back both in the acute care setting and homeless communities. Although, each traveler will have a different reason to travel, I believe each traveler can give by taking on contracted work. Hospitals need committed, dedicated, giving, hardworking RNs/STs.

Do you have any advice for nurses new to travel?

Step 1) Determine your passion to become a Travel Nurse. Step 2) Find the agency that will have your desired needs/wants. Needs may include: an agency staffing nationwide, day 1 benefits, reimbursements, a consultant you can rely on, etc. Step 3) Find a recruiter! When you find your recruiter, you want to feel comfortable with them via phone, email, and text. These 3 forms of communication are used frequently. Step 4) Avoid potential headaches! I believe that working with more than one agency can end up as a headache. There are many complications that could happen down the road. I suggest picking one agency/one recruiter and joining a job board.

For more information on job boards you may want to contact: 916-245-5098 or Email: I’d be happy to refer you to sites that will always show you active job openings and housing online.

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