Dating As A Travel Nurse: Best States To Find Love

Dating As A Travel Nurse: Best States To Find Love

Looking For Love On Your Travel Nurse Assignement
Nurses choose travel and contract jobs for many reasons. Some want to explore the country, where as others are looking to make more money, but did you know that you can also find romance on your travel nursing journey?

Maybe you’re stuck in small town with few options, or you’ve kissed one too many frogs in your city. The reality is that location can actually influence your odds of finding prince (or princess) charming. Check out the below video, which highlights some fun romances that were sparked on a travel nursing assignment.

Check out this amazing video detailing the true travel love story of Kayla and Will.

Which States Are Best For Single Travel Nurses?
In a recent study by WalletHub, states (and District of Columbia) were compared to find the best ones for single people. The study focused on three key factors to see which states were most conducive to relationships. The factors included dating economics, dating opportunities, and romance & fun.

Dating opportunities were the most important and consisted of how many single adults there are in the state, their gender balance, and how many people participate in online dating. Dating economics had to do with the average cost of beer and wine, movie and beauty salon costs, annual income, and job growth rate. Cause we know dating is not cheap! Finally, romance & fun refers to the number and variety of restaurants and attractions per capita.

When these factors were combined, the study revealed the best states for single people to find love, or at least date a lot. Simply click the state name below and search for open jobs in that area!

The Top 10 States For Singles

    1. Washington
    2. Colorado
    3. California
    4. Montana
    5. South Dakota
    6. Texas
    7. Hawaii
    8. Nevada
    9. District of Columbia
    10. Florida

Source: WalletHub


The Top States For Online Dating
In addition to finding the overall best states for dating and love, the WalletHub study also provides data on the states that had the highest volume of online and mobile dating opportunities. Let’s face it, everything these days can be done online. Why should dating be any different?

So if you and your mobile device find yourselves in any of the following states, rest assured that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to swipe both left and right. Click on the state name to search open travel nursing jobs in that area. 

The Top States For Online Dating Opportunities

  1. New Hampshire
  2. Washington
  3. Utah
  4. Colorado
  5. Massachusetts

The Top States For Mobile Dating Opportunities

  1. District of Columbia
  2. Utah
  3. Maryland
  4. Colorado
  5. Massachusetts

Keeping Things In Perspective
While finding romance may not be the only reason to travel to a new state, it can definitely play a part in deciding. If you’re not sure where to go, maybe these finding will inspire you to take the next step in finding your happily ever after. Head over to WalletHub to read the full study, and click below to get started on your fairy tale assignment.

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