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Connecticut travel nursing assignments are perfect for those who want to explore a historic state filled with American icons. Did you know that you can travel from any point in Connecticut to any other in under two hours? Though in those two hours you’ll find a landscape as diverse as if you traveled across the country. That’s why Connecticut is the perfect state to spend 13 weeks on your travel nursing assignment.

If you’re making your way through New England, Connecticut deserves a spot on your trip.

Whether it’s dinosaurs, American icons, or ivy league alumni, in Connecticut you can walk among the greats. At the Mark Twain House you can visit the home of Samuel Clemens a.k.a. Mark Twain where he wrote some of his most famous work like The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Prince and The Pauper. Visit the Dinosaur State Park where you can retrace their steps at one of the largest dino track sites in North America.

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Perhaps best known as the home of Yale University, New Haven has a 17th century historic district that begs to be explored. If you feel like exploring the third oldest university in the United States, Yale has one of the most beautiful campuses in the country. Ogle at the Gothic architecture and check out the Art Gallery which is free and open to the public. New Haven’s restaurant scene has also been on the rise, especially if you’re a fan of pizza. The famous "apizza" (pronounced "ah-beetz" by locals) is a style that is defined by a thin and chewy crust that makes for a unique and supremely tasty pizza experience.


Connecticut’s capital city, Hartford lies midway between Boston and New York City (just two hours from each). As one of America’s oldest cities, Hartford became famous as the birthplace of the lucrative insurance industry. Today Hartford is on the verge of discovery. With a revitalized downtown scene, a bustling convention center and an amazing science museum, the Connecticut Science Center. This will certainly become a go-to for cool kids and those looking for a hip new place to live in.

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We’ve only scratched the surface of all this state has to offer. Visit Connecticut’s diverse landscape and over 250 miles of shoreline for an unforgettable travel nursing experience. Search our open jobs or contact a recruiter today to get started.

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