The Sunshine State

Destination: Florida

Florida has some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Beautiful sandy beaches in one hand and swamps in the other, this flat peninsula has it all. Except for mountains that is. If you’re looking for year-round summer, this is the place to go! There’s rarely cold days and their definition of cold is much different than in other states! Just be sure to bring your flip flops when you tackle travel nursing jobs in Florida.

Home of the freshest orange juice, key lime pie, and gator bites!

If you love nature, Florida is an awesome state to explore. Due to the flat terrain, hikes are usually on the easier side, but they make up for it with the diversity of wildlife. You can spot turtles, eagles, and even bears. Take an airboat tour through the swampier areas to spot gators and in the cooler months you can come face to face with manatees in nearby springs.

The happiest place on earth.

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Just south of Orlando is where you can find theme park central. If you’re a fan of Disney, roller coasters, or Harry Potter, you’ll have a blast exploring all the nearby parks. Get your fill of other tourist activities like mini golf, water parks, and dinner shows. Downtown Orlando is where you should go to get away from the crowds and get more of a city feel. Nature preserves, museums, and gardens are great spots for those looking for a slower paced experience.


Miami is many things, like cool, stylish, and glamorous. Fiery nightlife and sun-drenched beaches will make sure your free time is very caliente! Of course you can’t forget the Cuban and Latino influences that can be found everywhere from delicious dishes to strongly brewed coffee. Drive even further south to the Keys where you can find a laid back way of living and authentic key lime pie.

Florida Nursing Jobs

Pack your sunglasses and flip flops for your 13 week travel assignment in Florida! Experience theme park thrills and witness a natural environment unlike any other. Search our hot (or caliente) Florida nursing jobs or contact us now to talk to a recruiter. You won't regret it!

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