Natural Relics

The Gem State

Don't get too excited about discovering rare gems while on assignment—in Idaho you'll have to settle for natural gems instead. Idaho is known as the "Gem State" due to the natural abundance of scenic areas and beauty like snow-capped mountain ranges, rapids, shimmering lakes and canyons.

The states most populous city, Boise is also the capital and home to outdoor recreation like Bogus Mountain (with snow that's anything but fake), state parks, brewing and distilling companies, cultural centers, and art galleries. Outside of Boise, where you'll find a lot of nursing assignments there are plenty of mid-size cities with just as much cultural edge.

Health-Conscious Boise

For a city of its size (200,000 people), health care in Boise is strong. The city has two major hospital systems and low healthcare costs to boot, meaning there's a lot of opportunity for travel nurses here. It's all about healthy lifestyle in Boise, which we're sure you can appreciate as a nurse!

Residents of Boise enjoy healthy lifestyles of outdoor fun, balanced with entertainment at the city's restaurants, pubs, and food festivals. Car-powered transportation is often the norm in mid-size cities but in Boise, residents are known to take the good ol' toe-heel train around town, especially during the summer months.

Healthy lifestyles through outdoor fun!

Featured Cities


Travel nurses have loved Idaho Falls' revitalized downtown area or the eclectic west side best. There's a booming local economy, a variety of cultural, foodie, and entertainment attractions. Factor in a cost of living lower than the national average, and you can easily see why so many publications have cited Idaho Falls as one this country’s best places to live!


Rated one of the Best Cities for Young families, Pocatello is both fun and affordable—allowing you to stretch your housing stipend to the max! The West Side of “Pokey” has transformed two-fold since the 1990s is now inhabited by young, hip families. Bookstores, bike shops, and brewpubs in this neighbor are just one of the many reasons why young families flock here.

Idaho Nursing Jobs

With a great balance of both fun and health, Idaho is the perfect state for the active travel nurse. We have jobs available all over the state, mid-size affordable cities to tiny towns, and of course Boise! Let's go!

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