The North Star State

Destination: Minnesota

The name North Star State originated from the French motto which appears on the state flag and seal:  l’étoile du nord, which means the star of the North. If you've ever been to beautiful Minnesota, you know it's truly a shining star of the Northern U.S. states. In addition to The North Star State, Minnesota has been nicknamed Land of 10,000 Lakes due to the state's plethora of lakes. Imagine riding your bicycle this coming June through Minneapolis, to one of the many lakes located within city limits.

Just make sure to tune up your bicycle for...

Bike-friendly Minneapolis

Minneapolis' growing number of bike lanes and a well-loved bike share program routinely lands the city as a top bike-friendly city on lists created by publications and online bike communities. Before you saddle up on two wheels, you'll want to read up on biking etiquette. Minneapolis may be friendly to bikers but it's still a city of 400,000 people (double that if you add in St. Paul). A few rules to get you started: wear a helmet for safety, don't bike on the sidewalk, and don't pass on the right.

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Minneapolis, St. Paul's sister city by proximity is the artsy sibling. Here you'll find Walker Art Center, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Guthrie Theater, Mill City Museum, Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, and more. In addition to the arts, Minneapolis has a sporty side. The city is also home to Twins Stadium and the Vikings football arena.


St. Paul, the other Twin is best known for its beautiful brick architecture, historic homes such as the F. Scott Fitzgerald House, the state capitol, Como Zoo, a stunning observatory, and more. The St. Paul population is around 300,000 giving the cities a combined population of over half a million.

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