The Badger State

Destination: Wisconsin

Wisconsin is a Midwest state with two coastlines on two Great Lakes: Michigan and Superior. As you can imagine, summer in Wisconsin is spent at the lake. Cities like Milwaukee, Madison, and Green Bay have all of the charm of the Midwest with a bit of mid-size city grit: people are nice but honest. The largest city in Wisconsin is Milwaukee, the where you'll find art, beer, and history.

Sports ball in Wisconsin

While summer is the prime time to be in Wisconsin, wintertime isn't necessarily a bust. If snow isn't your thing, spend your winter months as a travel nurse aquatinting yourself with the local businesses, museums, shops, and sports teams.

For a Midwest state, Wisconsin has plenty of sports teams for professional football, basketball, soccer, baseball, and hockey. With all of these teams, it doesn't really matter what calendar months your assignment spans, you should be able to attend a professional sports game or match.

Featured Cities


Wisconsin's largest city, Milwaukee is probably best known for its breweries: Miller Brewing Company, Pabst, Big Head Brewing Company, Joesph Schlitz Brewing Company, in addition to to others. Milwaukee is just the perfect size as the fifth-largest city in the Midwestern United States and there's more to this cozy city than beer. Milwaukee is home to major festivals and events including Summerfest. There are 25 theaters within city limits & a little over 30 in the Greater Milwaukee area.


Madison is the state capitol and the second largest city in the state with around 250,000 residents. Madison has been described as "78 square miles surrounded by reality." When you live in Madison, you'll truly be in your own bubble of eateries and shops, parks, and sparkling lakes. Madison is one of two major cities in the United States built on an isthmus. a narrow strip of land linking two larger masses.

Wisconsin Nursing Jobs

Does Wisconsin sound like a state you'd like to take for a spin on a 13-week assignment? We can help you get there! Search these current nursing jobs in the state of Wisconsin or contact us now to speak to a recruiter about your travel assignment. 

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