Essential Space Saving Items for Travel Nurses

Essential Space Saving Items for Travel Nurses

With the holiday season in full swing, we’d thought it would be great to post some gift ideas for travel nurses. Starting with the most practical, here are some awesome space saving items that anyone would like.


Perfect for quick healthy breakfast smoothies or an afternoon pick me up. If you’re more adept in the kitchen, it is also great for creamy soups. Some even come with attachments for chopping so it’s even more multipurpose. The single serving cup is perfect for busy schedules, you just blend and go!

Travel Spice Kit

How adorable is this? Every kind of spice and seasoning you could want in a cute travel kit. Instead of having a bunch of huge containers with spices that can get stale easily, these keep fresh and once they run out, you can try out a new spice. Depending on your taste, you can keep exotic spices or seasoning blends for a quick way to add a burst of flavor.

Collapsible Bowls

They come in lots of cute colors and various sizes so they fit most needs. They’re also usually microwave safe so they are perfect for storing and reheating leftovers. Because they’re collapsible, you can fit loads of them in a tiny space. There are also collapsible measuring cups and spoons for something something something.

Small Crock-Pot

This another awesome appliance that now comes in a smaller size. A must have for ultra busy nurses, the “set it and forget it” aspect is ideal for those that don’t want to spend extra time cooking. Got a long night shift? You can have a warm comforting meal waiting for you when you get home. Best of all, sites like Pinterest have tons of recipes that are delicious and simple.

If you want more ideas for space saving items, be sure to check out our Pinterest!