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Why Advanced Travel Nursing?

If you are an experienced travel nurse, you know what life on the road can be like. The adventure and opportunity are there for the taking, but other things can sometimes get in the way. Roadblocks like confusing state licensing, unresponsive recruiters, or a lack of new opportunities can make travel nursing feel like more trouble than it’s worth. You'll find that's not the case with Advanced Travel Nursing.

We're here to help you rise above the roadblocks.

We believe that our sole purpose is to find you the best possible nursing career opportunities, and be your advocate in everything involving your nursing career. You’ll have a personal recruiter who gets to know you, your career goals and travel preferences. Their job is to make sure nothing stands between you and your career trajectory — providing help whenever necessary.

With Advanced Travel Nursing, you can focus on what's important: being the best nurse you can be.

Sounds good right?

Providing Real Benefits For Traveling Nurses


Extensive medical, dental, vision and 401k are just the start of the benefits we offer.


We provide you with a meals and incidentals stipend based on a 7-day week and we'll reimburse you for the expenses to get to your new location.


Take advantage of a generous housing stipend and find your own, or the Advanced team can assist you with corporate housing options.


Our support system goes beyond the basics. We're here for you, even if it's after hours.

We’re happy you’ve found us.

We can talk to you all day about how Advanced Travel Nursing will be the best Travel Nursing company you’ll ever work with. But we have a better plan: let us show you. Start searching through our nursing jobs, give us your information by applying for the best nursing jobs for you and we’ll have a recruiter contact you within 48 hours.

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Great Destinations

We focus on taking you to the places you want to go with your nursing career, not the other way around. We work with you to find destinations that serve your personal lifestyle (checking off that travel list!) and your nursing career goals. Our network of nursing jobs is nationwide so you’ll be able to visit the places you want to go, on the schedule you create. You make the rules, we’ll follow them.

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