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Travel MedSurg RN Jobs

Medical-surgical registered nurses, or MedSurg RNs, are some of the most dynamic and exciting careers in nursing. At one time, all nurses were essentially MedSurg. Nowadays, it is a speciality within the broader RN community.

Travel MedSurg RNs are in particularly high demand because of the broad set of skills they bring to the hospital team. This means excellent pay and outstanding benefits for MedSurg RNs that are willing to travel to another state or locale on a travel assignment.

Advanced Travel Nursing, one of the largest staffing companies for travel nursing in America, is currently looking to fill several positions for MedSurg RNs at top medical facilities throughout the country. These great, high-paying MedSurg RN jobs are the perfect opportunity for RNs seeking a level of travel and adventure in their healthcare career.

Benefits & Pay
One of the most widely known advantages of working as a travel MedSurg RN is that these jobs typically have higher pay and better benefits than those of permanently placed RNs.

Travel nursing also offers the opportunity to gain additional knowledge and skills by working with new colleagues and a diverse patient group.

At Advanced Travel Nursing, our philosophy is focused on the success of every individual travel nurse. We’re committed to building lasting relationships with our travelers, and work hard to ensure that our RNs on travel assignment have some of the most outstanding benefits and support available.

Once you accept a travel MedSurg RN job with Advanced Travel Nursing, you’ll immediately gain access to our comprehensive pay and benefits package. Some of these include:

Day 1 Medical, Dental & Vision
Paid Travel Expenses
Free VIP Housing
24/7 Support
State Licensure Fees Covered
401(k) Retirement Package
Professional General Liability Coverage
Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance
Meals & Incidentals Paid For

Job Duties & Responsibilities
The common job duties and responsibilities of travel MedSug RNs are very similar to those of the permanently placed MedSurg RN, some of these include:

Assessment, planning and treatment of patients in accordance with treatment plan
Clear and effective communication with colleagues, patients and families
Administering treatment and medication to patients
Maintain and manage certain medical records of patients
Operate effectively in interdisciplinary teams
Monitor essential medical equipment used on patients
Perform any other MedSurg related activities as needed or assigned

MedSurg RN Jobs

If you’d like to learn more about the exciting, high-paying MedSurg jobs available throughout the country with Advanced Travel Nursing, call us today at 866-566-8618, or apply online and one of our experienced recruiters will contact you shortly.

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When deciding on which travel nurse staffing company to work with, MedSurg RNs are offered a lot of choices. So why should you pick Advanced Travel Nursing and not another staffing company? Because at Advanced Travel Nursing, we believe in forming lasting relationships with our travel RNs.


We work hard to ensure that when a travel MedSurg RN accepts a travel assignment with us, that they are completely informed about every aspect of the process, are going to a place that meets their requirements and that they have everything they need in order to make their assignment a successful one.


We want you to feel at home, even when you’re hundreds of miles away. It’s this commitment to each RN we place that has set us apart in the travel nursing industry. Here, you’re more than a number, you’re our top priority.


So if you're ready to work with one of the nation's most respected travel nurse staffing firms, at some of the leading medical facilities in the United States and enjoy the adventure of travel while gaining valuable career experience, contact Advanced Travel Nursing today!

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