Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolutions With Advanced Travel Nursing

Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolutions With Advanced Travel Nursing

New year, new job opportunities! In 2018, Advanced Travel Nursing is committed to help you fulfill all the nursing resolutions you may want to accomplish. Join our Travel Nursing family and make this your best year yet!



Earn More Money

Take home pay for travel RNs is generally higher than for perm nurses. Plus if your skill set or specialty is in high demand, you can earn even more. Second, we understand that travel can be expensive. That’s why we cover corporate housing, furnishings,  provide a travel expense allowance, and a meals and incidentals stipend. That means more green in your pocket. 

Get Started On Your 401k

We care about your future just as much as we care about you. That’s why we offer a full 401(k) retirement package with company matching. Pretty sweet!

More Clinical Experience

Some nurses think that travel contracts look bad on your resume, but it’s actually the opposite! With travel nursing you can gain experience faster, learn from industry professionals, and work in multiple settings. Hospitals also know that travelers are exposed to diverse patient populations and gain significant knowledge from interacting with various coworkers on each assignment.

Travel More

A lot of people wait until they retire to explore the country, but travel nurses are smarter than that. With 13 week assignments, you can explore a new state every few months. You will get to see and experience new places that you never thought you’d go. Time to get paid for going on an adventure!

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