The Top New Years Resolutions for Your Best Nursing Career

The Top New Years Resolutions for Your Best Nursing Career


Tired of those crazy diet resolutions or painful exercise routines? Those resolutions that you chose, tried for a few weeks, and then promptly forgot about them? Yes, those. This year, try making resolutions that improve your career and yourself at the same time because nursing skills are not the only thing you’ll need in 2019.

Choose to be Healthier at Work

Instead of choosing a difficult diet or workout plan, decide to make minor changes in your lifestyle. Simple suggestions like fixing your lunch one or two times a week instead of eating in the cafeteria or getting takeout can improve your diet in many ways.

Take the stairs! It is easy to get into a habit of always taking the elevator to work at the hospital but try walking the stairs at least one time every day. Even if it is going down the stairs, some purposeful exercise is better than none. Entrepreneur magazine also suggests drinking more water. Perhaps, after that mandatory cup of coffee, you choose one day to only drink water. You might surprise yourself in how refreshed you feel as you drink more water.

Update Your Resume 

You may have been at your job for 20 years or three, but your skills sets have probably changed in the last few years. Forbes recommends that you take a few minutes and update those skills on your resume. Just in case a co-worker wants to nominate you for an award, or there’s a promotion opportunity in the future, having an updated and accurate resume can be very handy to have.

Clean Out Your Digital and Paper Files

Gone are the days that you need to keep paper copies of certifications of that EKG class you took nine years ago or the 2000+ emails in your inbox that originated in 2001. However, you do need to keep those things that are current. A good tip is to keep things that occurred within the last five years.

Another great idea is saving pictures of the papers on your smartphone.  This is excellent for things that you do want to keep (but are tired of the clutter), and for the ones you just aren’t sure about. By doing this, if you ever do need them again, you can quickly print them out.

Read one motivational book a year

Working every day can become habitual, and without realizing it, you become comfortable in your habits and routines. As lovely as this sounds, it can also make you complacent in personal development. Reading books on professional development can help to expand your outlook and encourage positive habits. Here are some excellent suggestions that are good for professionals of all business types:

Join a Work-Related Professional Organization 

It can be easy to complain about the changes that need to occur within your unit and medicine in general. Instead of griping about it, you too can make a difference by participating in a professional organization within your scope of practice. encourages you if you are in Med-Surg, PACU, Psych, Management, Renal, OR, L&D, ER to look for a professional organization with them. 

Expand your horizons beyond work and help create new leadership for the generation of nurses who will follow you. Here are one website that gathers many links to professional nursing organizations in one place: Nurse Professional Organizations.

Learn One or Two Networking Skills

Networking is a newer term that is becoming more popular with individuals as they start their own businesses. However, the concept is as old as dirt. Quality networking is not about selling a product to make more profits; it is about getting to know people and in turn helping them.

Some easy ways to network can be through getting to know people on LinkedIn or a Business Networking International (BNI) group. While nurses typically can’t go out to a luncheon dinner every day, they still can network with other professionals at the hospital. Instead of always hanging with your coworkers, spend some time getting to know the management and higher-up people in the hospital. You might be surprised that those people walking around in suits are real people too, and they want to make a difference just as much as you do in your scrubs.

Create Two Out-of-Work Activities

The paycheck and comfort of work are nice, but life is more than just working for money. It is about living each day to its fullest. To do this, it takes purposeful actions or the days will begin to vanish away leaving you exhausted.

By creating fun out-of-work activities, you can focus on enjoying what life is offering you. Create one activity or hobby with family or friends. Your spouse. Or a best friend. Maybe attend a hand-craft class, a cooking class, or take up ballroom dancing together. You may have two left feet, but at least you’ll be laughing while you do it! Secondly, create one personal care activity. This is just for you. It can be a yoga class, monthly massage, or a book club. You may prefer quieter individual activities like a bubble bath with a glass of wine or binge-watching on Netflix – either way choose something that restores you as a person.

Your New Year’s resolution does not have to be a failure in three weeks; you can make positive changes right now to improve yourself and your career that will make a difference in the coming year.

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