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After enduring a traumatic injury which required surgery and hospitalization my respect for the tireless effort and dedication by the nurses and CST's grew even more. I strive every day to be an advocate for you, to be there for you the way the staff was there for me. New places, jobs, coworkers, and patients can be frightening but don’t forget I am here to help with the stress as your recruiter. My job requires me to wear multiple hats: recruiter, advocate, therapist or whatever else arises day today. Creating a lifestyle for you to wear scrubs and have adventures. Creating a lifestyle for you to wear scrub and adventure without all the politics and drama.

Fun Fact

My workday starts by riding into work with fresh air in my face on my electric skateboard. After work, I enjoy running or flying my drone to capture incredible videos of the ocean and wildlife. I love going on fun adventures with my beautiful wife. Our goal is to buy a house in the Dayton Beach area with an extra room for baby, hopefully soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Traveler pay is supplemented with housing, meals, and stipends that are 100% tax-free – so you only get taxed on your hourly pay rate.
As long as you have the travel bug, we’ll have travel nurse assignments for you in every state.
Most travel nursing assignments last 13 weeks. If you fall in love with a destination, you can work with your recruiter to extend your assignment.
Each state has a slightly different process, but our recruiters will help you with directions for each license.
We find jobs for our travel nurses in hospitals, clinics, and specialty facilities; large and small. We’ll work with you to find what is best for you and your career.
As long as you have the travel bug, we’ll have travel nurse assignments for you in every state.
Join our efforts to support communities affected by COVID-19.Crisis Response positions are available now.