Recruiter Spotlight: Kari Goodchild

Recruiter Spotlight: Kari Goodchild

The Advanced Travel Nursing offices are sites where connections are made. From deep conversation about life goals, giddy conversations about possible adventures, to hysterical laughter, bonds are continuously being built between our amazing recruiters and their passionate travel nurses.

Today we are shining the spotlight on one of our National Nursing Recruiters, Kari Goodchild.

Kari was born and raised in a small town in Iowa, and now lives in Sacramento, CA. She has been a recruiter for almost 5 years and is truly passionate about helping nurses get the recognition, comfort, and security they deserve.

Meet Kari

Kari Recruiter Spotlight InLineWhat do you love about your job?

I love getting to know my travelers and helping them land their dream job! It’s very rewarding to hear how much they enjoy their assignments and about all the fun things they get to do along the way.

What makes you unique as a recruiter?

Over the last five years, I have gained the knowledge and experience necessary to confidently and successfully support the nurses I work with. I make myself available to my travelers in the evenings and on the weekends. We might be on different schedules, but I will always find a way to make myself available to communicate and assist in whatever way I can.

I think my honesty also sets me apart from others in the field. The goal is always to help my travelers find the perfect job, but I will be up front if their expectations aren’t in line with the market. The nurses I work appreciate that I take the time to have realistic and open dialogues.

What’s your favorite traveler story?

I have so many stories to share from my years as a recruiter, it’s hard to pick just one! I think the best memories I have are those of when nurses call to tell me how much they love their assignment and the people they are working with. Nothing makes make me feel better as a recruiter!

Do you have any advice for travelers?

My advice is to be as flexible as possible. Travel assignments are only 13 weeks, so if you end up not liking the facility or area, you can always move on to the next hospital and location! Sometimes it takes a few assignments before you find the “perfect” fit!

How do you spend your time when you’re not recruiting?

When I’m not recruiting and talking to nurses, you will find me at the gym or sitting poolside. I am a huge sports fan and enjoy traveling to new cities.

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