Scrubbing In: DOA?

Scrubbing In: DOA?

We talked a little about MTV’s new show on travel nurses, Scrubbing In, before in a previous article. The show hasn’t even premiered and yet it’s already stirring up some controversy. In fact, most people are pretty divided when it comes to the show, some eager to watch while others up in arms about it. Many people wonder if MTV, notorious for upping the drama and glorifying trashy behavior, will give this new show the same treatment as their other reality heavy hitters.

As a matter of fact, some people in the travel nurse community are so upset with the possible portrayal of the career that they have started a petition to cancel the show before it even airs. The petition has already been signed by over 4 thousand people and they state that the show will be an obvious dramatization and will misinterpret the nursing profession. Here is part of their statement:

“This show does not and cannot depict the lives of professional nurses and it is an insult to the nursing profession as a whole”

The petition brings up some valid points but is it excessive considering the show hasn’t aired yet? Another thing to note is why it is wrong to exhibit nurses outside their professional life. They are human and are allowed to cut loose on their free time, and that includes consuming alcohol and getting involved in relationships. As long as they are not drinking in excess or taking part of extremely irresponsible behavior, everything should be fine but what are the chances that MTV shows them in this light? They do have to make ratings and unfortunately, people react more to ridiculous and outrageous behavior.

Here’s the most recent trailer for the show and we’ll let you decide whether you want to watch.