Top 6 Shows for Nurses and Where to Watch Them

Top 6 Shows for Nurses and Where to Watch Them

Since we are all spending more time at home now, we thought it would be great to gather a list of television shows that nurses will love. These shows are either medically focused or have an interesting approach to medicine and nursing. We’ve included where to easily find them, so grab the popcorn and start binging one tonight!

Chicago Med

NBC’s current hit is a part of the Chicago franchise of shows along with Chicago Fire and Chicago PD. Some of the characters cross-over between shows, but you don’t need to watch the others shows to know what’s going on. Med is a formulaic medical show that follows the doctors and nurses working in a busy Chicago ER. The character development and drama are always on point and the medical cases leave you on the edge of your seat throughout each episode (and the stars aren’t bad to look at either). Watch it on Hulu.

Virgin River

A feel good romantic drama that follows a nurse midwife as she leaves behind her life in Los Angeles for a fresh start in a remote town called Virgin River in the Redwood forest.  As to be expected, nothing ever goes as planned. The doctor that hires changes his mind about needing her when she shows up, her quaint log cabin rental is any but and small-town life is not as simple as she’d hoped.   However, she’s able to use her nurse practitioner skills to help the local women and even get away from dangerous growers that kidnap her. Watch it on Netflix.

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

Although this show is over twenty-five years old, it is considered to many as a classic. The show explores life before modern medicine in the old American West and follows the adventures and tribulations of Dr. Quinn, played by Jane Seymour. Defying customs at the time, she follows in her father’s footsteps to practice medicine. Available for purchase on Amazon.


Not a medical show by subject but the main character, Claire, is a World War 2 combat nurse that travels back and forth into time. She even goes to medical school in Boston before returning back to ancient Scotland.  Her mysterious healing skills can get her in trouble sometimes while she’s in the past, such as being accused of being a witch. However, she always finds a way to help, from aiding a ship stricken with typhoid, to delivering a baby, or performing surgery on wounded soldiers, her medical skills come into play in almost every episode. Watch all 5 seasons on Amazon Prime with a Starz subscription, or find season 1 through 3 on Netflix.


This entry might not be a new discovery for you, as it was a hit medical dramedy for an 8-season run on ABC and NBC. Scrubs was praised by critics for its deft balancing of comedic sitcom energy with genuinely emotional moments throughout its storylines. Catch up with J.D., Turk, and the gang for free with a subscription to Hulu!

The Resident

FOX’s relatively new medical drama premiered in 2018 and adds some grittiness to the medical TV series roster. Following a resident, a medical intern, and a nurse practitioner in a Georgia hospital, The Resident brings to light a darker side of health care, navigating ethical issues and other deep-cut storylines that often get lost in some of the more lighthearted medical shows. This series is currently running on FOX, but you can also watch it on Sling, Hulu, and YouTube TV with a subscription.

We hope these six shows have piqued your interest and you can access them easily to get your medical TV marathon started right away. It’s super intriguing to see how each network, showrunner, and actor puts their spin on the medical field—and to see how accurate each one does so. There are a lot of episodes to explore, so grab your remote, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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