Travel Nurse Of The Month: Theresa Jannuzzi

Travel Nurse Of The Month: Theresa Jannuzzi

This month we’re featuring an awesome OR nurse: Theresa Jannuzzi! She has had a blast while on assignment in Montana, going hiking, paddle boarding, and exploring the outdoors. She was able to spot deer, eagles, and even a black bear. When she’s not taking in the sights, Theresa likes to enjoy sip some wine at a local wine festival.

Get To Know Theresa:

Why or how did you get into nursing?

I got into nursing stemming from a desire to have more control over the things in my life that were important to me.  My mom, aunt and mother-in-law were nurses so I went from sales and marketing to nursing.  I enjoyed the flexibility and camaraderie that nursing offered.  After several years,  I found the nurse to patient ratios challenging and was thinking about another career move and then went in the OR.  It was where I was meant to be.  I love taking care of one patient at a time and being part of a well-coordinated team with high expectations.

Do you have any advice for future nurses?

My advice to future nurses is to do it!  There are so many opportunities available and it is a rewarding and noble career.  Helping a patient through a difficult time gives you a sense of pride that you just can’t get elsewhere.  It is truly amazing what a bandaid and some compassion can fix!

Favorite travel location and why?

I haven’t been traveling long but so far Montana is my favorite location.  As they say, it is the “last best place”.  I have gone skiing at Bridger Mountain and Red Lodge, played in Yellowstone National Park during the less crowded off season, dug up my own sapphires in Phillipsburg, hiked many mountains and soaked my cares away in several of the hot springs in the state.  Finding something to do was never an issue!

If you could have a superpower what would it be?

My superpower would be to fly like superman.  My feet get tired after a long shift and how cool would it be to fly around the OR dropping supplies and equipment off on the way!  And it would make traveling between assignments more fun!

What are some of your hobbies?

I would love to have a hobby but find myself too busy playing outside.  When I retire I would like to do stained glass or make jewelry.  For now, hiking, biking and skiing take up my time.  I also love live music of all types and have enjoyed seeing the local musicians wherever I travel.

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