Being A Travel Nurse Isn’t just for Solo Folks: Traveling With Family and Kids

Travel nursing is a fantastic path if you have children. If your kiddos are too young for school, you can feel free to move around at your leisure. If your kids are in school, there are a variety of options. Some nurses choose to get travel assignments during certain times of the year, to fit in with their kids’ needs. Others prefer to have their kids complete online school programs. If you take on a contract as a school nurse, you will also enjoy a longer assignment that offers more stability for a family. We also have hundreds of jobs in all states, you may even find one in a nearby city. It’s not just about traveling!

We also have nurses that choose travel assignments as a way of staying close to family. If you have relatives in a different state and want to connect with them, getting a contract nearby is a great way to do so. We have even had nurses getting jobs in an area close to the colleges their older kids are studying at.

If you do plan to travel with your kids or loved ones, think of it as a vacation or adventure. Imagine all the amazing things your family can experience! Finally, if the housing options we’re offering don’t meet your current needs, we offer a generous stipend so you can find a space that has everything you’re looking for.