Welcome Indiana To Advanced

Welcome Indiana To Advanced

We’re so excited to welcome our new Indiana office (formerly IPI Travel) to the Advanced family! We’re thrilled to be working with the Indiana team as they exemplify all the best qualities you look for as a travel nurse. They emphasize communication, transparency, and truly value building relationships with their travelers. 

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

If you’re an IPI traveler, not to worry, there are only positive changes in store. You’ll keep working with the same recruiter you’ve built a great relationship with, but now you’ll have an even larger support team to make sure everything runs smoothly. We’ve been in the healthcare travel biz a long time so we can help you make the best out of your nursing adventures.


More Perks + New Opportunities

More jobs!

Your options are almost limitless. We’ve got nursing jobs in every state and often in (or close to) major cities. If you’re not in contact with a recruiter, you should be! With new jobs available every day, your recruiter is your best bet for booking your dream job. 


Extra guidance and support!

With a larger team, we can offer additional support, faster responses, and a more efficient process. If there is any issue during your nursing assignment, we will do our best to resolve it. Basically, we’ve got your back! 


Snazzy new site and resources!

License information? We’ve got it. State guides? Yep. A blog filled to the brim with tips, tricks, and advice? I think you know the answer by now 😉


Get your CA license in a day!

Working in Cali can be a dream for most, but getting your CA license can sometimes be a nightmare. That’s why we have our CA In A Day Program that allows you to get your RN License as fast and painless as possible.


Extra cash for your referrals!

You don’t even have to work with us to get this perk. Our Sugar Rewards lets you rack up your referral money and get up to $13,000. So if you know a nurse that’s been itching to get their travel on, send them our way and you get cold hard cash. Pretty sweet, right?


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